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Please note, you must register for EACH event you wish to attend to
nsure you get sent the confirmation email and link to access the session.

As part of our virtual event in January 2021, we introduced a virtual familiarisation programme to ensure Group Travel Organisers and the travel trade could keep in touch with destinations and attractions despite the restrictions of the pandemic.  Hailed a success, we endeavour to continue to offer more familiarisation sessions when ever we can.


After Excursions 2022 we will have another week long virtual familiarisation programme to complement the face to face event with 10 selected destinations.

These are great educational sessions ideal for group leaders and itinerary planners as we talk to destination experts and featured attractions to find out what they have to offer groups, and for those that are more familiar with them to discover what's new.

Keep an eye on this page, and sign up for any that you see. They are a little intermittent at present, as businesses are busy opening their doors and on low staff numbers, but we will endeavour to offer some more soon.


Sessions will last approximately between 45 minutes and 1 hour. 

Do you have a question for our panelist?

You are invited to ask questions of our panellists at the end of the
session. We will endeavour to cover as many as possible. Ideally, send
us your questions ahead of the event (using the dedicated box when you register) or via email closer to the time.

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